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Young People Leaving Care (Hartlepool)

St Paul’s Project, 11 St Paul’s Road, Hartlepool

Residents at St. Paul's ProjectSt Paul’s is a joint initiative between Tees Valley and Hartlepool Borough Council.

The scheme is a shared house that opened in 1984. It aims to provide support to five young people aged 16 to 19, to enable them to gain the necessary life skills and knowledge to live independently and sustain their own tenancies in the future.

Tees Valley provides a housing management, care and support service with staff on site 24 hours a day.

Staff at St Paul’s provide support to young people, to help them remove barriers to education, training and employment, provide life skills advice, plan move-on accommodation and support the transition to their own tenancies.

The expected length of stay at the project is 12 months, but this varies depending upon individual circumstances. In consultation with the young person, Tees Valley will implement and assist the planned ‘move-on’ and gradual withdrawal of support when all parties consider the young person ready to live more independently, usually through our Floating Support Scheme.

Referrals to St Paul’s can be made through a variety of services i.e. homeless department, social services, probation or by calling into the project .

All referrals are considered by the Housing Liaison Group, which consists of representatives from Tees Valley Housing, Hartlepool Borough Council’s Homeless Department and any other services as appropriate.

Application forms are available from Hartlepool St Paul’s (01429 221274). The application form can be downloaded here. You can also download our leaflet here.